I'm currently working as a senior software engineer at Ibotta in Denver, CO. You can contact me at webmaster@markwatson.dev, or by using any of the social links below. You can find my resumé here.


Tiny Projects

These are small projects and utilities I've written.

  • s3grep This is an overly simple command to scan files in AWS S3 for lines matching a search query. It hacks S3 Select to find lines in a file that contain the search string. Currently a proof of concept.
  • serv A simple static file server. Can serve up multiple static directories, as defined by a simple JSON string. Written because "python -m SimpleHTTPServer" is sometimes too slow.
  • url mover A simple Chrome extension to redirect URLs based on a set of rules.
  • expander Defines a sort of macro-like language that can run any language in a text file and output the expanded result.
  • csv.py A robust, but not very fast, token-based CSV parser written in python. Built as an exercise.